If one day you feel like crying…
Call me.
I don’t promise you that
I will make you laugh,
I can cry with you!

If one day you want to run away…
Don’t be afraid to
Call me.
I don’t promise to ask you to stop,
I can run with you!

If one day
you don’t want to listen to anybody…
Call me.
I promise to be very quiet!

If one day
you call me and
There is no answer…

Come fast to see me…
Perhaps I need you!


How to make yourself happy….?

1. Smile always.
2. Have some really good friends.
3. Share the happiness with others.
4. Have targets and goals.
5. Willing to help.
6. Keep as a childlike heart.
7. Always work in team.
8. Be confident & proud of yourself.
9. Respect the weak.
10. Work from time to time.

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"பேய்கள் ஜாக்கிரத்தை"


My name is Premalatha and live in Bestari Jaya. I'm third in my family. I have two brothers and two sisters. I finished my Diploma in my Teaching at Maktab Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim (MPSAH), Sungai Petani, Kedah on 2005.

My hobbies are reading story books and novels. My favorite writer is Ramani Chandran. I'm also like to draw and colour the pictures. I'm a joviol person and hardwoking.
I am working in SJKT Vageesar as a Data teacher & teach mathematics.